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New beginnings are available for all.  Kimberly, Alexandra & Kaleigh are ready to guide, heal and activate your health, wealth, freedom and divine living within this 30-day miraculous reset!​

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone who needs a fresh start, reset or general healing and wellness 

  • Anyone who needs to boost their immune system, reduce anxiety, stress

  • Anyone who wants to heal chronic illness & disease through holistic nutrition, energy healing and prayer

  • Anyone who desires a reduction in mental illness and instability

  • Anyone who desires to deepen their connection to God/Divine Creator

  • Anyone who desires to be anointed with prayer and miracles

  • Everyone who wants to live a miraculous healthy life!

What Do We Do?

  • We meet every day at a designated time at 3 pm EST/12 pm PST as well as replay recording available to all healing for the 30 days from April 15th to May 15th, 2021

  • Alexandra will be leading with a pray upon the start of each session

  • Then both Kimberly and Alexandra will perform the healings

  • Kimberly & Alexandra do their protocol, everything that is included in their protocol is listed below


The Miraculous Healing Protocol

  • Brain and nervous system clear

  • Digestion system clear

  • Circulatory system clear

  • Respiratory system clear

  • Arthritis clear (if applicable to you)

  • Musculoskeletal system

  • Skin, surgery and scar clearing (if applicable to you)

  • Wounds, trauma, weaknesses throughout the body clearing

  • Eyes, ears, nose & throat clear

  • Major gland & organ clears

  • Liver and Kidney clear

  • Thyroid & thymus gland clear

  • Chakra System clear

  • 6 Bodies (mental, emotional, energetic, physical, spiritual, karmic)

  • 12 of the hearts biggest releases

  • Aura & energy field clearings​​

  • Clearing all that doesn’t serve you (cords, energetic debris, obstacles, etc.)

  • Clearing addictions to suffering (e.g. substance addictions, addictions to chaos, addictions to mental illness, addictions to general ailments/injuries, addictions to codependency, etc.)

  • Clearing negative entities, energies, fractals, manipulations, transmissional frequencies, anything that is not for your highest good

How Do I Prepare For This?

  • We suggest...

    • no alcohol for the 30 days of healing

    • Plenty of water before and after healing

    • Healthy, local, organic foods during the 30 days

    • A self-love practice (e.g. being kind and gentle with yourself)

    • Having a journal to map out your progress throughout the 30 days

    • Having a movement practice every day.  This could include walking, dancing, shaking, going to the gym, running, lifting weights, etc.

    • Cut out processed foods as much as possible if not, altogether

    • Do not operate heavy machinery up to 1 hour after the healing and prayer

What Do You Get For These 30 Days?

  • Email support

  • Daily healing & prayer for an hour

  • Daily homework/journal prompts (we promise it’s very small tasks that allow for a better life in a very big and good way)

  • Foot soak recipes, ritual bathing recipes, altar building tips, clearing techniques to stay clear, integration techniques, dream pillow recipes, making Holy Water

  • Daily insights on how to live a healthy, free and Holy life

  • Access to all of the healings, homework and other elements of the journey of the whole 30 days until June 30th (you can rewatch and receive as many times as desired until June 30th 2021)

Does 30 Days feel like too big of a commitment?

You can sign up for 7 Days or 14 Days of Daily Healing and Prayer

Email us now to get set up!

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