SOMA was the name that came to us during a ceremony all together.

SOMA means the Body of Christ.  We see SOMA as a space that embodies Christ Light, which is the sunlight and Christos energy of our DNA.

Our vision for humanity is to have several different sacred temples and sanctuaries where we can all come together and heal, remember and receive the birthrights that are here for us.

Through sustainable eco-villages and architecture, our sanctuaries will be off-grid spaces where the community can live off the land and be the healthy, wild and free humans we are here to be

Our goal is to have our first physical sanctuary open and running in 2025.  

If you feel called, you can help us in this vision by donating to our foundation where 100% of the proceeds go to building sanctuaries around the world.

Some of the locations where these sanctuaries will be found are Australia, Sedona, Vancouver Island, Tulum, The Caribbean, Uganda & Europe.

We appreciate all of your help to fulfill this vision for humanity!

In the meantime, we offer services and offerings through our online sanctuaries!


Our team has been travelling the world studying and experiencing sustainable architecture and being one with the Earth.  We are excited to bring our own sanctuaries back to the Earth for humanity to enjoy