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Dragon Medicine Training Details

Dragon Medicine is a 9-month online certification journey (4-day in-person intensive available) where we dive into the Dragon Scrolls through the lens of providing service and creating space for humanity in a client-practitioner setting.  By the end of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Mastery based on completion of your activation steps and classes as well as a deep knowledge of The Dragon Scrolls and many different skills that can be applied to everyday living and service to humanity.


Dragon Medicine is a combination of Quantum Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine through Elemental work, and Oracular Training


All modules are recorded live with the ability to watch/re-watch the recording at a time suitable for you


Through the 9-month journey, there will be activation steps/homework along the way to help you apply these teachings in a practical sense and gain the mastery held within you and your abilities/gifts.  These activation steps will take approximately 2 hours per month to complete with only 2 activation steps per module.


Each month focuses on a Scroll with the practical practitioner training that comes with it


Every month includes:

  • A module to read in your booklet before arriving at class

  • An online class

  • An activation step to complete and submit (don’t worry, there is no grading!!)


Module 1: God’s Throne

  • Protection, Healing & Prayer

  • Accessing your innate gifts and abilities

  • The Throne Map (includes deep dive into the Elements)


Module 2: Vulnerability

  • How to authentically share and create sacred space

  • Active listening

  • How to provide assistance during vulnerable shares/healing crisis

  • How to empower vulnerability into strength


Module 3: Multidimensional Living

  • Soul Song Listening

  • Soul Song Coding

  • Anatomy & Physiology through Quantum Kinesiology and Chinese Medicine Lens


Module 4: Unconditional Love & Compassion

  • Healing the Heart & glands

  • The Womb Space


Module 5: Holy Mother

  • How to heal the maternal lineages

  • How to heal connection to Holy Mother

  • How to transmute ancestral curses, contracts, vows, ancient rituals & spells


Module 6: Holy Father

  • How to heal the paternal lineages

  • Redevelop your relationship with Holy Father

  • Healing masculine wounding

  • Opening self to receiving from the masculine again

  • Empowering masculine embodiments back into their Holy Father blueprint


Module 7: Mastery

  • How to help clients (and yourself) develop your abilities and gifts

  • How to reconnect fractals of gifts back into the body for embodiment through Inner Child connection


Module 8: Abundance & Prosperity

  • How to receive abundance for your work

  • Creating energy exchanges that honour and respect you

  • How to alchemize abundance and prosperity blockages/frequency fences/energy loops/etc.


Module 9: Leadership & Wayshowing

  • How to develop deep confidence, heal worthiness, deservingness and low self-esteem wounding

  • How to lead a Dragon Scroll circle/event/group space

  • Activation of Leadership and Wayshowing

  • Certification Ceremony and Acknowledgement



Dragon Medicine was developed by the founder, Alexandra Smith, in 2017 when she remembered the Dragon Scrolls and the medicine that came with them.  Alexandra has a degree in Kinesiology as well as extensive knowledge in Acupressure and Chinese Medicine. From a very young age, Alexandra has exhibited deep oracular training, wisdom and knowledge where she holds a passion for activating and leading other Oracles, Wisdoms and Shamans back to their embodiment.


Alexandra’s offerings are powerful, fun and very easy/practical to follow! She loves to break things down into simple, manageable teachings where you then can dive deeper and explore through the strong foundations you have built.


We have confidence that you will leave this journey feeling more knowledgeable, confident, and ready to serve humanity through the birthrights of your humanity.


If you feel the call for this training, please apply below in order for us to schedule a call with you and register you for the training.

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