Alexandra Smith

World-renowned Oracle, Author

& Guide

My name is Alexandra Smith, people also call me The Dragon Oracle and The God of Enchantment.  I currently reside in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.


I am the founder of Dragon Resonance Healing, a healing modality that works with the DNA to clear, activate & resonate the bodies (mental, emotional, energetic, physical & spiritual) to their fullest potential.  I have a background in Kinesiology, Psychology & Religious Studies.  I always had a fascination between the human body & its connection to God.  Throughout my University career, I studied how the physiology of the body worked in different psychological states and environments.

I quickly learned that the mind could heal the body through thoughts and beliefs.  Furthering my education, I studied how deepening our relationship to the Divine effects the human body.  Once again, I quickly learned the more faith we had, the healthier we were in every aspect.

Leaving University, I knew I wanted to create a space where people could come to not only heal their physical bodies but also their relationship with the Divine, so here we are!

I teach you how to embody your Divinity, Sovereignty and Immaculate birthrights that the Divine gave you.  I bring you the clarity to your Purpose here on Earth. 

I show you how to access your deepest abilities and gifts and how we can use them to be of service to humanity in a big way. Not to mention, I connect you deeply to the sacred lineage of Dragons.

I work with a wide spectrum of clients.  From actors to healers to stay-at-home mamas, I show you your highest potential, your prophecy & how to embody it all.

My method in sessions is to start where you are at and essentially open the DNA to the endless potentiality it holds.  Through many different modalities, psychology & kinesiology, you leave the session/course/class/certification/mentorship embodying your Divinity, Sovereignty & immaculate birthrights that God created within your DNA.

Dragon Blessings,