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the temple

Remember the prophecy you are here to fullfill

The Temple was birthed from The Dragon Temple when Alexandra saw the gap between humanity and prophecy.


We are made to fulfill a sacred prophecy here upon the Earth & Alexandra is ready to guide you into clarity regarding what that prophecy is


Along with clarity, Alexandra will powerfully shift, heal and transform any limiting beliefs, trauma and blockages that may be inhibiting you to embodying your prophecy fully.


Let us see your Temple be restored. 


the mystery school

Alexandra offers a wide range of courses, classes, online retreats & sacred journeys on at our Mystery School

From dancing with dragons to chanting sacred mantras within etheric temples, Alexandra brings you a multidimensional experience where you can learn, remember, become certified & thrive in different sacred journeys


The time is now to see all that you are. 

Image by Danielle Barnes

Dragon Resonance Healing

A powerful modality founded by Alexandra that you can receive and/or become certified to practice

Dragon Resonance Healing is a modality, Alexandra was bestowed with by the dragons.


Dragon Resonance Healing works with the DNA to remove all that does not serve, activate your birthrights as well as open yourself up to all that you are.


Dragon Resonance Healing works with Light Language, Light Coding, Temple Building & DNA Clearing as its foundational teachings 


Come & remember your divinity.

Image by Danilo Batista

The Incubator


The Incubator is Alexandra's private 1:1 sacred space where you will be guided on a 3, 6 or 12-month journey 

This is about you remembering your divinity, embodying your sovereignty and leading a legacy.

If you know you are ready, click to learn more.

Hand Touching Water


Receive healing, prayer & holistic nutrition every day for

30-days with Kimberly, Alexandra & Kaleigh

Are you in need of a powerful reset on all levels?


Kimberly and Alexandra will be providing you with miraculous healing every day along with a prayer for a whole month (30-day period) to help you reset, open and ignite back into your highest embodiment on all levels.

Kaleigh will be providing you with holistic nutrition, life path information & more

Next Period is Open for Enrollment:

April 15th - May 15th