Emma Lewin


My name is Emma Lewin. I am the Dragon Lady! I am an artist and mentor. I paint Dragons, I am here to awaken your dreams. 

 I live on the beautiful mid-north coast of Australia, surrounded by lush green landscape, rainforest, waterfalls and beaches. I live here with my partner and four children. 


I first started drawing dragons in high school, creating a series for my major works. Dragons in domestic homelife! I have studied science at university, biology, ecology and marine geoscience. I nearly quit. Feeling the limitations of fibromyalgia, not able to type using voice recognition for all assignments and exams. But I did it, I loved the travel I did for subjects, Tasmania, Twelve Apostles in Victoria, New Caledonia to study coral reefs.


We are not victims of our experiences, they do not define us, we are free at any time to create the life we desire for ourselves.

I have always felt the call to rebel without a cause! Without knowing why I didn’t want to walk the mainstream path blindly.


 At the same time I lived in fear, I made choices out of fear until I decided this was not all life had to offer. I jumped without knowing without planning, I just knew my soul could no longer stay crushed, stayed hidden and smothered.


I started to weave a life of my heart's desires, my dreams, they get bigger and better every day as I step into knowing, into seeing all the possibilities, removing more defunked beliefs that limited me. 


I shift, I move, I jump following my intuition, following my guides, my knowing that I am following my higher path.


 Expanding into my Ultimate Dimension a place I feel all around me that I want you to see and know and feel all the possibilities there for you. 


You choose, you are a creator of your reality. 


I am here to help you see this. 


Dreams are reality.