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Kaleigh Mason


My name is Kaleigh Mason, I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from Ontario, Canada.


Holistic means whole or holy. I specialize in mind-body-spirit healing, I work to make a person whole again, to return them to their original selves, like a factory reset. 

The root word for soul is sole, which means "coming from ocean" or "salt water solution". The soul of the body is the ocean of the body. Ocean is made up of water, salt and minerals.


I teach people how to rebuild their souls by correcting their mineral deficiencies and increasing their water and electrolytes. The German word for whole is heil. To be whole is to heal. Heilig is the german word for holy. Salt is geologically defined as halite. Hal meaning salt and lite for light. Whole, holy, halite all come from the same original word meaning salt. Mineral salts, we are made of the salt of the Earth. 

Minerals conduct the electricity which makes the light. In chemistry, you can make a light bulb glow by putting it in a solution of water, salt and minerals. I teach people how to turn their light back on and glow, I teach people the formula for light and I reactivate the gods, goddesses, superheroes, queens and healers of our society, who had previously been deactivated into slave zombie mode through biological, chemical and psychological warfare. I teach people how to armour themselves. Armour is made out of metals which is minerals. We work to rebuild your inner armor and make you whole again. Make you holy. 

I also use the proven medical science called Body Typing started by Dr.Bieler and completed by Dr.Abravanel in the 1970s. This works to get people on the proper fuel for their body type. One man's food is another man's poison. I solve the mysteries of what to eat and what not to eat. 

Finally, I use natal charts and Chaldean numerology to program the mind with the positive attributes of your God-designed programming. You are an organic robot who runs on the elements from the periodic table of elements and you are also encoded with a type of binary that programs your personality traits, dreams, desires and mission on Earth. I set people on their mission, so they can feel the rush of ultimate fulfillment and meaning. So they can reach the highest heights of their life's path. 

Reactivate your light, rediscover your superpowers and experience victory on your journey.