Kimberly Newman


As a child, I realized I had powerful physic & empath abilities.  I soon started to create my own life as a teenager.  My dreams and wishes started to come true in the most powerful & miraculous ways.

When I gave birth to my crystal child, Alexandra Smith, it brought me back to my roots.  I began being of Service again for the planet.  Alexandra opened my abilities up again in

ways I cannot explain.  Raising her was like raising a Messiah, our lives were/are full of magic, miracles, healing and unconditional love for each other.

I have trained many years with the different elders that grace us upon this Earth, guiding me and showing me the way back to my Self. I work a lot with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Unicorns and the Fairy Realm.  There are just so many beautiful ascended master mentors, it truly depends who comes forward to work with that group or individual.  My daughter being The Dragon Oracle, dragons have a special space in my heart.

My energy signature is like no other.  I am a high vibrational Being sent here on a mission to heal the world with the power of Energy Healing, Clearing & Activating the land, spaces & beings from all over the world.  I communicate and live within the different realms of the Trees, Animal Kingdoms & Angelic Realms.  And because of this, all of my Services are done distantly as you receive the power of all of these Realms during our sessions.

Sessions vary depending on what the space, person or land needs.  You can expect powerful clearing, releases &  healing as the Angelic Realms cover you in many blessings & miracles.