Here at SOMA, we love to celebrate the Divine Feminine Goddesses that birthed us into this world, as well as other mothers and mother-figures around us.  We cherish mothers all year round and on this special day, we are celebrating you and solely you for the day!  Here's to the mothers, sisters, friends and family - we love you!

Your family,


for you and your family

Whether it is your mother, daughter, son or friend - we believe everything is more fun with a companion!

We are offering distant healing sessions by donations for you and your mother/loved one as well as you both can join courses for the price of 1!

So come and be pampered with healing and self development!

To register two people for a course, you will simple purchase a course/offering and email us at to share who are wanting to share your experience with!

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The Miraculous Healing Protocol is a Universal Life Force Energy with profound healing results.


This distant healing experience can help with:

💫 Reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation & chronic pain


💫 Improving sleep, and promoting calmness. 


💫 Empowering the immune system 


💫 Working on all levels of the body systems


💫 Clearing Chakras and Meridians


💫 Balancing and harmonizing the Five Bodies (mental, emotional, energetic, physical & spiritual)

💫 Working in a delicate sequence with the Archangel Realms, Ascended Masters and Divine Consciousness

 💫 Scanning the body and clearing it of any negative entities, remote viewers and of any energy that is not for your highest good.


During your session, you will experience:


💫 Removal of unwanted negative energy, entities, remote viewers and any other beings or energies that are not for your highest good

💫 Spiritual healing

💫 Cutting negative energy cords and transmuting all cords that are not for your highest good


💫 Removal of jinxes, curses, hexes & dogma


💫 Opening you up to Creation


💫 Soul retrieval


💫 Psychic surgery


💫 DNA blueprint upgrade back to your original blueprint


💫 Sacred Center (Chakra) upgrade


💫 Release all negative social conditioning


💫12 of the heart’s biggest emotional releases


💫 Healing gender bias, traumas & abuse


💫 Clearing stuck energy around your bank accounts to open them up to receive and create an unlimited abundance


The beautiful thing is that it changes with every client based on your needs & desires. 


We run the Miraculous Healing Protocol in a specific sequence determined by clients' individual needs.  After scanning, I place the client in an Angelic sphere of unconditional love for protection and then we begin.   


What  to  expect  during:

We ask our clients to rest by sitting or lying down during the session in the comfort of their own home or workspace


You may experience a feeling of lightness, warmth and tingling with an all-over relaxation.


Some clients feel calm and sleepy throughout the healing while others may experience visions of lights and rainbow colours, they see angels and or their spirit guides.  Visions and messages from your Higher Self may occur.


You may also feel gentle tugging and pulling within and around your body based on how sensitive you are.


I ask that you drink plenty of water before and after your session. 


This protocol accelerates if you are hydrated and helps toxins move out through the body more efficiently.


You may experience emotional or a big elimination releasing of toxins.


Pay attention and be kind to yourself throughout the days after your session and to your dreams, this is how your Higher Self may communicate with you.

We email a report of your session to you within 24 hours after your session ends. 


We do recommend a few sessions to get the full effect of the healing.  

Note: these sessions are done distantly with an email recording within 24 hours

Due to the power of these sessions, we ask that you do not operate heavy machinery during and up to 1 hour after your session.

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