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Our Community

SOMA is community.


Take a witnessing eye to our team and community who works alongside with SOMA.  


Each Medicine Woman has been initiated by God to walk a potent path in serving humanity.


We welcome you to our community, our home, SOMA.

Alexandra Blair Smith

Dragon Medicine Woman

Alexandra is the founder of Dragon Medicine where she specializes in empowering others to heal their bodies through Inner Landscape work. With the medicine comes a deep and intricate understanding of how to navigate one’s body in order to remove and heal any and all types of dis-ease whether that be energetic or physical. 

Alexandra combines her extensive knowledge of Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Elemental Work & Quantum Physics to create a fun, explorative and creative space for all to enjoy!

With over 10 years of experience, Alexandra has dedicated her life in service to sharing Dragon Medicine with humanity through classes, trainings and other offerings.


Kimberly Newman

Advanced Spiritual Worker | Community Elder

Kimberly, mother of Alexandra, has spent over 4 decades studying and practicing advanced spiritual healing techniques where she has found deep meaning in providing services for our homes, properties, businesses, animals and people.

After several of years of retirement, she has been called back to service as humanity navigates these very potent and transitional times.

Kimberly specializes in removing entities & energy that is disrupting or causing dis-ease within people, homes, businesses, and animals. With these techniques, she is able to assist you in balancing and harmonizing the body on all levels.

Kimberly works with the medicine of herbs to help clear and heal demons, attachments and other sources of physical, energetic & spiritual attack/disruption.

Kimberly, along with Alexandra live upon Vancouver Island, working alongside elders of the land.

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