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Temple Keeping Rules - PDF

Temple Keeping Rules - PDF

Temple Keeping is a very important part of anyone holding space for others online or in physical settings.  For 10 years I have been using this very list for all of my group offerings and class spaces.  I have broken it down into 5 simple rules everyone can uphold.  Each rule is followed with a detailed description for other's to easily read and receive.


1. Sharing in a Good Way

2. Privacy

3. There are No Pedestals

4. Honour and Respect

5. Embody Your Sovereignty


Each of these rules has an easy-to-read description of what is asked for in all group offerings.  For years, this has allowed me to hold groups in a really powerful and easy way where everyone is heard, seen and honoured.


To make your life easier as a spiritual leader, teacher or facilitator, I made this PDF available for others to use.


Simply purchase the product, and you will get to download the PDF to use in all of your spaces where Temple Keeping is needed.


Don't skip out on this year of curating and creating a sacred environment where everyone, including yourself can feel held and respected! 


PLEASE NOTE:  the product photos do not show the PDF document to its entirety


What you receive:

- PDF download of Temple Keeping Rules

- includes 5 rules to uphold sacred space

- includes descriptions for each in detail so attendees can easily understand what is being held

- includes date stamp of 01/01/2024 so you have updated policy of temple keeping rules


What you can do with the PDF:

= Put it into Kajabi, LearnWorlds, or other online school platforms for every group experience

- Put it into your website as a group offering policy or have on a private website page you can refer to or forward to attendees

- Place on your social media pages as highlights for easily reachable temple keeping rules

- Share to your students as example of temple keeping


Keep your group spaces safe, respectful and FUN to attend because of the clean temple you will provide with these rules

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