Prophecy 6

Prophecy 6 is a 12-month space that honours the 6-cycle we are in


The 6 cycle honours relationships, family, home and creating


The 6 cycle is about building and re-discovering ourselves after the 5 cycle cleared out what wasn’t built on strong foundations


Prophecy 6 has individual and group spaces included in the journey to bring a sense of community through our individual journeys


Prophecy 6 details:


🐉 1 monthly private session


🐉 1 monthly group call


🐉 24/7 Telegram access for voice chat, text chat


You get first priority for messaging and bookings


Everyone who joins gets welcomed into the group chat. We have 3 beautiful sisters in there already!


You also start up a private chat with me


All group aspects are completely optional but highly recommended for the full experience


To book, you simply message me and we get you in 1-3 days from then


If you prefer to book in advance because you have a busy schedule or family, we can arrange that as well!


*More details on the space:*


This space is to provide you assistance, clarity and support in fulfilling part of your Prophecy this season as well as set yourself up for success in all upcoming seasons by seeing your overall Prophecy for this lifetime and getting clear on the cycles, teachings and services you provide


Private sessions are your time to dive deeper into a thought, feeling, intuitive nudge, question, fear, healing, etc.


Private sessions are completely set up for you in the way that brings the most support


Group sessions are for all of us to notice a common theme and dive deep into the teachings around that theme for that month and provide us with support in each and every one of our prophecies


Group sessions will always honour our sovereignty


The best part about this space is everyone will be so different yet you will see the commonalities among us all


We are all so magical and all so human


I ask you not to hide anything from yourself in this space.


And that can be difficult.


But allow this space to be where you express every molecule of your being


Never pressure yourself to show up on days where it’s a full-body “no” but also notice when that full-body “no” can be a trauma response in not allowing yourself to be supported


I can help you distinguish and provide the space to nurture both


You will never be judged, shamed, guilted or exposed for anything within this space


This space is set to the Highest Honour of God where we are all completely protected, respected and unconditionally loved throughout all of our existence in a sovereign and united way




The more you lean into it, the more you get out it


This space is 12 cycles long


This means we have “falling off” moments


Don’t judge, just get back in when you can


We all experience those moments and that is part of the medicine!


The energy exchange for this space is $999 USD which can be broken down into $84/month


I look forward to diving into this space with you if you feel called 🥰


I love you,

Alexandra Blair Smith ❤️

If you are a full body yes:
If you have questions: