The risen ones are the ones who will lead humanity back into the heavenly kingdom within them through their unique abilities and wonderous talents.

It is time to leave our legacy of love upon this glorious Earth for those to seek salvation in our Light.

The Incubator is a private 1:1 journey with Alexandra

There are 3 options:

3 months, 6 months or 12 months

What You Receive:

> Unlimited sessions for our time together

> Private voice/text messaging 24/7

Courses you receive:

> Dancing With Dragons

> Manifesting With Dragons

> Walking With Dragons

> The High Council Dragon Retreat

> Messiah

> Convergence

> Dragon Magic

> Divine Communion

> The Seven Rays

> The Crystal Codes

> Hope Dealer



When you invest in yourself, you invest in humanity's well being

3 Months Unlimited is $4,999 USD

6 Months Unlimited is $9,999 USD

12 Months Unlimited is $19,999 USD

We understand this is a very sacred investment, so let's talk and create a game plan for your journey!

Payment Plans are Available.

We will create a plan that works for you.