Come on a Journey


Imagine yourself at the base of a sacred mountain, surrounded by jungle, ocean and sky.


You begin the climb to a sacred temple you’ve been waiting your whole life to witness


You climb up the many stairs, feeling the energy get more and more intense as you climb


Every step feels like a prayer and an initiation


You finally reach the Temple Gates, in awe of their immaculate beauty


As you are admiring the gates, they mysteriously swing open, welcoming you in to venture into the Temple grounds


You take this opportunity to explore the Temple grounds, breathing in all of the vegetation, foundations, statues and other adornments that bless the Earth


You then arrive at the Temple doors, and just as you do, they slowly open to reveal the wondrous inside


You step past the threshold, which feels like yet another initiation and you enter the Temple


As you enter the Temple eons upon eons of remembering floods back to you in an instant.


A voice emerges from the Temple declaring, ‘welcome home my God’


It all starts to land and anchor in once again - this is your Temple


All of the teachings you are here to bring back on Earth line the Temple walls in Ancient Light Codes


This is you


You are a God sent back to Earth to bring back the teachings of the Temple that has been built for you


All of your remembering is held within this Temple for you to remember


All of which you are to bring back on Earth is within this Temple


These sessions are a space for anchoring in the Temple that has been built for you by you for you to remember once again


These sessions are very powerful and should not be taken lightly


You are the master of your Divinity, we are simply reactivating your Divine Genomes to recall all that you are


We spend 2 hours reactivating your Temple, accessing all of the Teachings you are here to bring back to Earth as well as receive powerful activations, messages, transmissions and miracles along the way


What  you receive:


🌟 Two 1 hour sessions (2 weeks apart) with Alexandra to activate your Temple and receive the Teachings of your Temple


🌟 Alexandra channelling the Teachings you are to bring back onto Earth for others to remember (you can transcribe these teachings from your recording and make it into a sacred book)


🌟 Reactivation of your Temple including a full visualization and description of the Temple


🌟 Activating the Ascended Master Mentors that are here to help you bring forward these teachings

🌟  Unlimited Telegram (texting/voice messaging app) support for 14 days in between the sessions⁣


🌟 Lifetime access to the recording (each time you listen to it, you will receive more and more!)


🌟 BONUS: lifetime access to our weekly devotional space called The Divine Communion ($555 value)


What you will experience:


🌟 profound remembering of your Purpose here on Earth


🌟 Quantum leaps & accelerated Ascension


🌟 All of the information to begin embodying your Teachings once again as well as bringing these teachings into other’s lives powerfully


🌟 Psychic centres open and activate deeper than before


🌟 Activate yourself back into your Mastery and a zero still point of Ascended Master initiates


🌟 Endless miracles, abundance and opportunities that arise as you embody All That Is once again


These sessions last a lifetime, what we do in those 2 hours will be a historical event you will remember for the rest of your life!


Love you!

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