Work With Kimberly

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The Miraculous Healing Protocol

for life-changing miracles & healing

This protocol was developed by Kimberly Newman after years of training with the elders and ascended master mentors.


The protocol is tailored to your needs and uses several different powerful sacred modalities to open your body to miraculous healing and overall well-being.

Hand Touching Water

30-Days of Miracles

Receive healing & prayer every day for

30-days with Kimberly, Alexandra & Kaleigh

Are you in need of a powerful reset on all levels?


Kimberly and Alexandra will be providing you with miraculous healing every day along with a prayer for a whole month (30-day period) to help you reset, open and ignite back into your highest embodiment on all levels.

Kaleigh will be providing you with holistic nutrition protocols & life path information

Next Period is Open for Enrollment:

April 15th - May 15th