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Dragon Medicine

A Sacred Modality of The Dragon Scrolls

Dragon Medicine is an ancient healing modality and embodiment that has stood within Creation since the beginning of the original lineages, Dragons being one of them. Dragon Medicine was put to sleep after the Dragons fled from slaughter within our human existence, forcing the Medicine to go into hiding with them. It is with our advancement and continuation through this current Epoch that Dragon Medicine has come back to our cellu- lar memory through the Dragon Scrolls.

With great care, we hold this lineage with reverence for the Dragons who sacrificed themselves in order to keep this Medicine alive as well as for our fellow Dragon Riders, Teachers and Kin.

We honour those who have given their lives to Dragon Medicine. We honour our ances- tors who have held our lineages through great wars, famine and upset. We honour those who walk before us, alongside us and in front of us.

Introduction to Dragon Medicine 

Dragon Medicine is honouring, exploring and highlighting the wisdom and architecture that lives within our cellular memories, DNA and Soul. Within this modality we utilize the foundations and teachings from Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Elemental Work and Quantum Physics. Though this modality is very energetically based with the dimensional aspects of our inner architecture, know that it is rooted in deep and solid foundations.

Dragon Medicine is about cultivating the empowerment of understanding we have the ability to heal, remember and know all from within. Allowing ourselves and our clients un- derstand that nothing is outside of them; we do not need to seek outside of ourselves to accomplish any task, desire or need.

Dragon Medicine is a whole and complete modality that ranges and weaves between many different experiences. This modality can be used anytime, anyplace for any condition. This immaculate force emanates from your own sovereign signature. Your input of Dragon Medicine is completely individualized to you based on your lives experiences, DNA, and cellular blueprints. Therefore, the miracles that take place in the presence of you stepping into this Soul remembrance are immaculate, powerful and eternal - what a gift to help others step into. The possibilities are endless with this modality!

Dragon Medicine is:

- Blueprinting for yourself and others to help see deficiencies, overflows and balances - Honouring the elements within and around us
- Understanding, remembering and embodying The Dragon Scrolls
- Remembering, unlocking and deepening our inner architecture through landscapes - Uncovering cellular memories, soul wisdom and miraculous healing in all landscapes - A powerful map that unlocks your full potential through architecture

- Safe to use. Non-invasive flows with the needs and desires of the client within your own capacity as a space-creator

- A powerful journey of the Soul back to your sovereign divinity
- A profound individual experience that ignites a powerful remembering
- Restores the zero still point back into our genomes
- Activates the Dragon architecture
- Deep reconnection to your inner child
- Powerfully clears blockages, trauma, densities
- Cannot be used to manipulate or control
- Activates our natural, birthright gifts and abilities
- Activates and reconnects all of our bodies once again (Mental, Emotional, Energetic,

Physical, Spiritual, etc.)
- Deeply reconnects you to the Dragons, your Dragon companions, fellow Dragon Rid-

ers and your remembering with God

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